Standing water in a car garage reflects a line of parked vehicles. This large puddle indicates the need for parking structure repair.

Parking Structure Repair

Parking facility managers turn to ATS for life-extending parking structure repair. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure a steel and concrete structure’s durability against daily loads, weathering, and vibrations. The concrete and reinforced steel that support parking structures undergo wear and tear from daily sources, such as:
With weathering comes an increased risk for corrosion, delaminating, and devastating failures. The earlier a parking structure undergoes a thorough inspection and repair work, the better. Early repair can prevent structural collapse, water damage, and liability.
ATS Parking Structure Services

Damage Inspection

When a client requests parking structure services, ATS first sends a representative to evaluate a parking structure for damage. We offer simple visual inspections for obvious cracks and a more detailed forensic evaluation for concealed damage. Our inspectors look for signs of recent and long-term damage, such as:

The inspector will note areas of concern throughout the inspection. We can diagnose the source of the issue and create a list of repairs ranked in order of priority. Additionally, our experts can deliver capital reserve analyses on the long-term benefits of immediate repairs.

Parking Structure Repair Plans

We prioritize our recommended repairs so that clients know where to start their parking structure repair process. However, the longer clients wait to commence repairs, the more extensive and expensive the damage will be. Additionally, untreated defects increase the risk of catastrophic structural failure.

We offer in-depth repairs designed by professional structural engineers. ATS’ structural engineers utilize their experience and education on material properties and forces to design a repair plan that addresses current and future challenges, such as:

Water Damage Prevention

Our experts can diagnose existing issues and advise on preventative measures, especially through waterproofing. Water intrusion is an enormous hazard to a parking structure.

For example, if water leaks through a crack in the concrete, it will reach the steel reinforcement bar that retains the tensile strength of the concrete slab. When exposed to water, the rebar expands and pushes against the solid concrete until cracks form. These cracks allow more water to penetrate the concrete surface, and eventually, the entire concrete slab loses its integrity.

An ATS inspection can identify signs of water damage for early repairs. We can also recommend sealants, drainage, and other preventative measures for various components in the parking structure.


If a client needs to reconstruct the parking structure, such as after pancaking or because an entire concrete slab is now a liability, we can help our clients through this construction process. Whether design/build or design/bid/build projects, we can identify cost-saving solutions that will decrease the time needed for turnkey structure repairs. Additionally, we offer construction administration services that include contractor bid review and regular inspections during and after parking structure repairs.

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