Risk Based Inspections
Applied Technical Services offers risk based inspections (RBI) to help clients understand the integrity of their aging equipment. Our inspections comply with several applicable standards, including:
Our Experts
At ATS, we understand that our clients need to make inspection decisions founded on reliable information and expertise. Our certified personnel include licensed professional engineers, STI inspectors, and API inspectors who report consistent, repeatable data. These experts use the RBI methodology and process to develop an inspection plan, identifying types of damage, where these defects occur, the rate of deterioration, and where failure would be hazardous. We offer more than a simple inspection; we perform true condition assessments that allow clients to plan for the future.
Routine Equipment Inspections
Maintaining routine risk based inspections can improve equipment reliability and safety while reducing unplanned downtime and repair costs. We establish an asset’s risk level by examining the probability of failure from damage, flaws, corrosion, and deterioration, as well as the consequences of failure. Predicting failure before it occurs and assessing machine health helps operators understand whether they are running equipment properly. Our experts use RBI to recommend options such as repair or replacement, detailing necessary actions before any contractor begins work.
Maintaining RBI Programs
ATS can develop, implement, and maintain effective RBI programs that accurately evaluate fixed asset conditions. Our engineers can assess existing risk-based programs or establish new ones specific to each client’s equipment. Our comprehensive risk based inspections can:
Expert Services
ATS has provided high-quality testing and inspections for over 50 years. We have earned a reputation of excellence in numerous industries, including:
Applied Technical Services constantly improves our clients’ experience. We implement several quality assurance policies to ensure we exceed client expectations. Our experts report clear, precise, accurate data as quickly as possible so that clients can make informed decisions regarding their equipment. Our team is highly responsive to any inquiries about testing or data and always connects clients to the most relevant staff member available to help with their request.
If you could benefit from RBI (risk based inspections), contact ATS today. We take a closer look!

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