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Products vs. the Elements
Applied Technical Services offers artificial weathering testing to clients who need to rapidly simulate the long-term effects of outdoor exposure on a product. Because a variety of products will see outdoor use over their service life, product engineers must consider how well their design materials and subassemblies resist the effects of weathering. Everything from moisture to salinity to temperature to sunlight will affect the aesthetic, electrical, or mechanical properties of a product if it undergoes long, uninterrupted periods of exposure. ATS’ environmental testing division performs several methods of artificial weathering so that clients can assess how their product holds up against the elements and then adjust accordingly.
Our Artificial Weathering Testing Capabilities
Our Marietta lab maintains a fleet of weathering testing instruments to determine the resistance of materials, components, subassemblies, and complete assemblies to a wide variety of weathering stimuli. While the following list does not represent an exhaustive account of our artificial weathering capabilities, it does reflect commonly requested standards for which we maintain ISO 17025 testing accreditation through the A2LA:
Because of the numerous effects that the different types of weathering can have on a sample, ATS offers a variety of complementary testing that we use to quantify the changes brought about by simulated weathering. These methods include:
About Applied Technical Services
We did not begin as a multidisciplinary services provider. In the late 1960s, Applied Technical Services comprised three engineers aiding local businesses from the confines of their shared office in our founder’s basement. The 50+ years since our founding have seen us grow exponentially, expanding the scope of our services to include testing and analysis, consulting engineering, forensic investigation, training, and calibration. We value our clients, and so maintain a customer service standard that keeps them coming back to work with us time and again. ATS pursues this dedication to quality by maintaining an ISO 9001-certified quality management system (under which our technicians perform all our artificial weathering testing services) focused on quickly providing clear and accurate results, as well as prioritizing responsiveness to customers.
Artificial weathering simulates years of damage in weeks — information that manufacturers need to determine the efficacy of their product over the course of its service life. Contact ATS to get a free quote on the most comprehensive suite of weathering testing services available. We take a closer look!

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