Centrifuge Testing

GEC Centrifuge, Ready to Subject Components to High Acceleration Forces
Intense Service Conditions Require Intense Testing

ATS performs centrifuge testing to ensure client products and components can stand up to the forces expected to act on them in service. Certain products must contend with an additional force beyond the stimuli commercial products are expected to withstand. Accelerating an object enough to achieve supersonic flight speeds applies massive forces to its components and materials — the resulting dynamic loads are unlike any experienced by consumer or commercial products outside of impact events. While relatively few components of the millions produced daily will need to withstand significant g-forces, those that do must perform to expectations for the safety of the people that use them and the success of their mission. To help manufacturers ensure the quality and safety of their products, ATS provides centrifuge testing to validate components’ reaction to high stresses from acceleration.

Our Centrifuge Testing Capabilities and Expertise
Also known as acceleration testing, we regularly perform this method in our mechanical testing lab to detect any flaws in the sample component that may arise from gravitational forces acting on it, including (but not limited to) the following:

ATS centrifuge unit offers the following capabilities to test integral components resistance to acceleration forces:

Our lab personnel conduct centrifuge testing to the following standards for which we maintain an ISO 17205 accreditation through the A2LA to perform:
The ATS Advantage

We pride ourselves on delivering a level of professionalism and expertise that our clients come to rely on. Although ATS regularly serves companies from a variety of industries, our centrifuge testing capabilities primarily benefit aviation, aerospace, and military customers. If your company needs our services, contact us today for a free quote!

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