EMI Services

Applied Technical Services provides EMI services to verify a subject’s ability to operate in its normal environment without causing electromagnetic interference to other devices, vehicles, and equipment in the area.
Electromagnetic Interference Testing
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing is a method that consists of measuring the level and type of emissions by an electronic device. Cellular networks, ignition systems, and natural weather events such as lightning can all cause electromagnetic interference. EMI testing is crucial to maintaining industry compliance and optimal technological performance for equipment used in industries such as avionics and military. We offer a multitude of electromagnetic interference and compatibility tests that comply with several different industry standards.
EMI Services Offered by ATS
Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services employs the nation’s premier electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing experts. Founded in 1967, ATS has the experience and resources to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction on every project. We adhere to rigorous quality assurance standards and are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA.

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