ESD Air Discharge Testing

Electrostatic Air Discharge Testing

ESD Air Discharge Testing

Applied Technical Services performs ESD air discharge testing to verify compliance with electrostatic discharge standards set by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics and Federal Aviation Administration.
Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic discharge, also known as ESD, is caused by two electrically charged objects coming into close proximity or contact with each other. The different charges result in an exchange of electrons, ultimately leading to electrostatic discharge. Air electrostatic discharge does not require physical contact and can result in the transfer of thousands of volts of static electricity. Electrostatic discharge is capable of damaging sensitive electronic parts and can lead to device malfunction and even failure. Aircraft must undergo comprehensive ESD testing to maintain compliance with industry standards established by the RTCA and FAA.

ESD Air Discharge Testing and EMI/EMC
ESD air discharge testing is required to verify electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards such as RTCA-DO-160. Applied Technical Services performs EMI and EMC testing in accordance with the following RTCA-DO-160 sections:
Applied Technical Services
Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services has the experience and resources to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in industrial testing across several fields and disciplines. Our new, state-of-the-art electrical testing facility is staffed by the industry’s premier ESD air discharge testing experts. ATS’ certified ESD testing professionals utilize innovative technologies to provide accurate results while reducing client costs, striving to provide the best value to the nation’s leading automotive, aerospace, and nuclear companies that we work with on a daily basis. Applied Technical Services is ISO 9001 certified. Contact us today to schedule your next ESD testing services.

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