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ATS Expands Its Presence on the West Coast

New opportunities to support clients and grow our capabilities
Marietta, GA. (January 17, 2022) —
Applied Technical Services is carving out a greater presence on the West Coast than we ever have before. As new capabilities come available to ATS Phoenix, they will better serve local and regional clients.
EMI/EMC Testing
Electromagnetic interference (or EMI) testing helps electronic manufacturers and quality control specialists profile the type of electromagnetic noise a component produces in service. Because these signals can interfere with the operation of other pieces, EMI and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing prove crucial to the success of the final product. Medical devices, aerospace products, automotive subsystems, and even consumer goods need to work alongside other electronics without causing them to fail. ATS Phoenix can now offer this service to West Coast clientele, allowing them to handle even more of the product validation process under one roof.
Chemical Analysis and Metallurgy
Not only has ATS Phoenix increased its electrical testing capabilities, but also expanded into entire new disciplines. We are excited to announce that they now offer chemical analysis and metallurgy services! A wide array of material identification, failure analysis, and structural inspection offerings are now available to clients throughout the Southwest and West Coast regions. From FTIR to hardness testing to contamination testing to grain analysis, ATS Phoenix delivers a look into the invisible characteristics of client samples.
Three New Walk-In and Two Thermal Shock Environmental Chambers
Never one to abandon its roots in environmental testing excellence, ATS Phoenix has acquired three walk-in chambers, as well as two thermal shock chambers, to accommodate larger samples. Each can support any number of new specimens, including shipping pallets. And speaking of which…
ISO 11607 Medical Packaging Testing
Their suite of expanded capabilities contributes to a vast improvement in serving the medical manufacturing industry, but none quite so directly as ATS Phoenix’s ISO 11607 shipping and packaging testing services. Ensuring medical device packaging remains airtight and not susceptible to contamination prioritizes consumer safety and upholds the stringent quality standards expected of this industry.
ATS Phoenix: same quality you expect, new tools with which to get it done.