Chain failure analysis

Chain Failure Analysis

Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy and materials testing labs offer chain failure analysis services. We help clients in investigating their chain failures per generally accepted engineering principles, industry standards, and applicable specialized procedures.

Industries such as construction and industrial manufacturing often rely on transmission or overhead lifting chains to transfer heavy loads between equipment day in and day out. No set of chains, however, is completely resistant to degradation or failure due to overload, fatigue, or wear. In the event of a failure, businesses can go to third-party labs such as ATS for a comprehensive chain failure analysis. Chain failure can result from any one or a combination of factors, including heavy and repetitive loads, operation speed, abrasion, debris accumulation, manufacturing defects, and improper maintenance.
Defects within chain components can be difficult or impossible to spot with the naked eye. Fortunately, our experienced staff can provide valuable, multi-faceted insight into the specific causes of chain failures. Our analysis methods include metallographic examination, mechanical testing, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), chemical analysis, and others. The most common type of conveyor chain failures we see in our advanced labs is either fatigue cracking on the side plates or wear on the pins as a result of high bearing pressures. If necessary, we can travel to the site where the chain failure occurred to investigate the system or collect the appropriate samples to further support our analysis.

Common Causes of Chain Failure:

ATS Failure Analysis Services

As a testing and inspection company that serves a long list of industries, Applied Technical Services is known both nationally and internationally for its excellent service quality. In keeping with our high standards, each one of our services is conducted according to our ISO 9001 certified quality assurance program. Chain failure analysis is just one of the many failure analysis services offered by our metallurgy and materials testing department.

We know the value of failure analysis in maintaining safe and effective chain equipment operations. For more details regarding our chain failure analysis services, contact us today. Our clients can expect helpful client support, accurate results, and detailed reports. ATS – We take a closer look!

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