Heat Exchanger Failure Analysis

Applied Techincal Services offers Heat Exchanger Failure Analysis for a multitude of industries. 

Applied Technical Services Heat Exchanger Failure Analysis Services

ATS determines the cause(s) of failure by following a systematic process. ATS interprets analytical data thoroughly and completely, demonstrating our ability for reaching compelling conclusions.

Our services include determining the root cause of failures such as, fatigue cracking, obstructions, pitting corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, mechanical fatigue due to vibrations, welding problems, corrosion due to tubesheet crevices, thermal fatigue, and erosion. In addition to our testing practices, we employ ISO 9001 certified quality assurance measures for maintaining integrity and consistency in our findings for our customers.

ATS’ multifaceted approach to heat exchanger failure analysis depends on reliable inspections and testing. Technologies for testing and inspecting heat exchanger tubes are constantly evolving and improving. At ATS we adhere to the latest technologies and disciplines to meet our clients’ needs. By cohesively consolidating our findings and recommendations, we are able to establish good design practices, and failure prevention as an economical and progressive solution for our customers.

Typical Heat Exchanger Failure Analysis Findings:

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