Spring Failure Analysis

Spring Failure Analysis

At Applied Technical Services our Metallurgical Failure Analysis Team performs Spring Failure Analysis on a variety of spring types for companies from a wide variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, military, nuclear, and consumer products.

Our comprehensive testing can find the cause of failure whether it is due to inappropriate design and application, defective material, manufacturing defects, and/or environmental effects.

At ATS our specific testing services include valve spring failure, coil spring failure, leaf spring failure to name a few. We uncover the morphology (mode) of failure on extension, torsion or compression springs, and determine if metallurgical and environmental factors and operating conditions at the time of failure have played a role. In addition to our multifaceted approach, ATS analysts follow an ISO 9001 certified, stringent quality assurance program to achieve accurate and reliable results.

Any industry established benchmarks are carried out by ATS meeting all spring failure analysis testing standards, including but not limited to ASTM E2332, Standard Practice for Investigation and Analysis of Physical Component Failures, and applicable specialized procedures. Our overall investigation, inspection, and quality assurance services position ATS as a leader in failure analysis services for our customers.

Common Causes of Spring Failures:

Spring Failure Analysis Methods:

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