Façade Access Certifications
ATS conducts 10-year certifications for façade access systems and components. Façade access certification ensures compliance with applicable safety regulations and standards, creating the safest conditions possible for system users. We use a wide range of inspection, testing, and design skills to serve big names in commercial real estate. As a leading consulting engineering firm, we hold multiple accreditations and have experienced professional engineers and consultants on staff.
10 Year Certification Requirements
According to 29 CFR OSHA 1910.27, roof anchors and façade access systems utilized as a rope descent system (RDS) need initial certification and testing prior to use and recertification once every 10 years. ANSI standards also mandate that suspended maintenance systems and anchors must undergo recertification every 10 years at a minimum. Applied Technical Services employs licensed professional engineers to oversee initial certifications and 10-year recertifications. Our qualified personnel have extensive experience testing and inspecting façade access systems and components. We can assess several types of roof anchors, including their structural attachment type, such as welded, adhesive, through-bolt, cast-in-place, and bolt-around methods. We also inspect, test, and certify davit systems and other façade access equipment. Our engineers can design, test, inspect, and certify these systems according to clients’ needs.
Our Inspection and Certification Services
ATS conducts inspections that are OSHA, ANSI, CAL/OSHA, ASME, IWCA, and NYSDOL compliant, where applicable. When conducting recertifications, ATS can:
Our engineers and technicians are familiar with the documentation, guidelines, and procedures required for certification. These experts can determine whether your system meet façade access system requirements with certainty. Our inspection and certification services help to protect your personnel, prevent accidents, and protect your assets.
Our Qualified Personnel
Applied Technical Services commercial services division has been providing inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to clients across the United States for over 25 years. We have developed a reputation for excellence in our field through our dependable services and exceptional customer service policies. We prioritize our clients’ experience. Our customer service team members connect clients with experts relevant to their specific needs. We complete work in a professional manner, communicating our progress step by step. Our façade access system experts are highly qualified and experienced, delivering clear, accurate, detailed reporting as quickly as possible. Our experts remain available to clients for any further questions.
If you need your 10-year certifications for your façade access system, contact Applied Technical Services today.

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