Anchor points along a roof
Roof Anchor Certification
Roof anchors must endure operational loads for fall protection equipment, window washing platforms, rope descent systems, and suspended staging. Applied Technical Services conducts anchor point certification operations to ensure safety and standard compliance for our clients’ roof anchor systems. We can evaluate and certify anchor points according to OSHA, ANSI, , IWCA, and ASME standards. ATS prioritizes safety through our strict quality assurance program and excellent safety record.
We apply the latest engineering methods and technologies to our anchor point certifications, with a focus on the anchor points’ function. We can inspect, test, and certify several types of anchor points, such as:
Whether you need initial anchor point certification for a newly installed system or recertification of existing roof anchors, our licensed Professional Engineers can determine whether your system meets applicable regulations and standards.
Our Roof Anchor Services
ATS’s anchor point expertise extends beyond certification. We offer a comprehensive suite of roof anchor services, including:
We aim to always create the safest working environment possible for our clients, protecting personnel and preventing accidents. We ensure that the anchor points we design, install, inspect, and certify have optimal structural integrity. Our experts check anchors, fasteners, and exposed welds for damage or corrosion that may affect functionality. We also conduct thorough examinations of equipment layout and structural attachment methods, accounting for OSHA regulations, industry standards and accessibility for exterior building maintenance crews. Our methods are practical and economical, maximizing the benefits of our services.
High-Quality Services
Applied Technical Services stands at the forefront of required safety compliance, utilizing advanced technology and thorough planning to benefit our clients. We provide turnkey inspection and certification programs for all our clients’ fall protection and suspended access equipment, including anchors, monorails, davit systems, and roof cars. Our team of Professional Engineers, field engineers, and technicians have extensive industry experience. We utilize our expertise to provide efficient, cost-effective services to each of our clients.
Our customer service team puts clients in direct contact with relevant experts so they can help determine the best solution for each clients’ particular needs. We deliver clear, precise results, and our experts remain available to customers who have any additional questions after projects are completed.
If you need anchor point certification, contact ATS today.

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