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Applied Technical Services, LLC, established in 1967 is a leading consulting engineering firm with a wide range of testing, inspection and design capabilities serving the most recognizable names in the commercial real estate industry. In addition to providing friendly service, ATS is committed to safety and quality assurance by holding multiple accreditations and certifications.

Applied Technical Services proudly acts as a trusted provider of inspection and certification services for fall protection systems used in commercial real estate and industrial structures. Commercial Real Estate and Façade access can be a naturally dangerous place to work, and falls are the leading cause of both death and injury in such environments in the United States. Fall protection certification helps you both maintain compliance with all applicable safety standards, and create the safest possible working conditions for your employees.

Consulting Engineering Department

At Applied Technical Services, our Consulting Engineering Department is staffed by highly qualified inspectors who hold Professional Engineering certifications. Additionally, many of them hold additional qualifications including:

Our highly trained team of engineers and technicians are well aware of all guidelines, procedures and documentation required for certification and are prepared to help you guarantee that your fall protection equipment is compliant with all applicable safety standards.

Under ANSI standards, for example, suspended maintenance fall protection systems must be re-certified at least once every 10 years, or before re-roofing or renovation takes place. If your business is dealing with active fall protection systems, the requirements are even more strict – re-certification must take place at least once every five years. The team at ATS is here to help you maintain compliance with all of these regulations and beyond.

Types of Systems

Applied Technical Services’ team is capable of inspecting and certifying a number of different types of fall protection systems, including ones listed below:

Additionally, if your business is in need of new fall protection systems designed with specific applications in mind, our team can both help to develop and inspect all systems in accordance with a number of industry standards including:

Fall protection certification doesn’t just allow you to maintain compliance with current rules and regulations like those dictated by OSHA and ANSI – it also creates the safest possible working environment for your work at heights employees and contractors, period. If your organization is looking for a trusted provider of fall protection certification services, please contact Applied Technical Services today.

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