Fall Protection Consultants

fall protection consultants

Commercial and industrial developers who build mid to high-rise structures often partner with ATS’ Fall Protection Consultants to design and implement safe and efficient suspended access systems. Our licensed Professional Engineers (P.E) remain knowledgeable with the most up-to-date industry standards, among them OSHA, ANSI, ASME, IWCA, CAL OSHA and NYSDOL. With 30 years in the industry, we have established an excellent reputation with building owners, developers, property managers, architects, general contractors and manufacturing plant operators. Our services include design, development, safety analysis, installations, retrofits and inspections for new and existing properties. Our experts offer technical insights on a wide variety of systems that best fit your needs and objectives.

Façade Access Systems:
Site Surveys and Safety Analysis

When it comes to employee safety, being proactive is the right strategy for companies who want to protect their personnel, avoid costly accidents, and mitigate liabilities. ATS’ site surveys identify high risk areas that could potentially put your employee’s health in jeopardy. Common findings may include but are not limited to trip hazards, slick surfaces, unprotected skylights, leading edges, floor openings, lighting issues, inadequate PPE, and potential falling objects. Our surveys and analysis often offer recommended safety solutions and action plans.

Safety Analysis and Surveys Include:
Design Phase

During the fall protection planning stage, it is important to have architectural designs and drawings in order to guarantee proper implementation and efficient systems. This allows your work at heights employees to have confidence in their safety while preforming building maintenance projects. ATS Engineers offer reliable strategies ranging from basic turnkey designs to more complex projects that can accommodate architectural challenges found in modern structures and contemporary buildings.

Fall Protection and Facade Access Designs For:
Installation and Retrofit

At ATS we strive to deliver and install state of the art fall protection systems that are safe, practical and efficient. Our façade access solutions meet applicable standards and regulations. Our Engineers are experienced, hands-on field professionals who you can count on.

Installation Services Include:

Our inspection and re-certification services provide you documented assurance by highly trained and qualified engineers in verifying that your fall protection system is of the highest level of protection for users, along with being in compliance with all standards and regulations like ANSI and others.

Our Inspection Services Include:

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