OSHA Standards for Roof Anchors

Applied Technical Services offers roof anchor inspections to help facility managers and building proprietors comply with safety regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets requirements for roof anchor inspection intervals to prevent accidents and ensure personnel safety. OSHA roof anchor requirements mandate that a qualified person carry out annual inspections to verify that continued wear on the anchors does not compromise their safe operation. Adhesive and expansion anchors also require load testing every five years per ASME A120.1.
ATS Roof Anchor Inspections
ATS employs a team of licensed professional engineers, many having multiple certifications and accreditations, to perform roof anchor inspections. Our experts have substantial experience testing embedded roof anchors, through-bolt roof anchors, bolt-around-beam roof anchors, chemical adhesive roof anchors, and welded roof anchors. We aim to provide superior testing and inspection services and help building owners understand and meet compliance requirements. Our team works quickly and efficiently to verify equipment compliance. When conducting roof anchor inspections, ATS can provide:
We provide our inspection services to comply with OSHA standards, as well as IWCA, ASME, and ANSI standards. Our experts can make recommendations on necessary maintenance and repairs to meet roof anchor requirements.
Our Quality Service Policies
Since 1967, Applied Technical Services has grown exponentially, offering a wide range of testing and inspection services. We have locations across the US, assisting both domestic and international clients. We give our clients a reason to continue working with us in the future, not only through our reliable services but through our customer service policies as well. We ensure that our engineers report clear, accurate, detailed data within a short time frame, empowering clients to make quick, informed decisions. Our team of customer service ambassadors connects clients with the most relevant staff member available who can help with their inquiries. Our experts can answer questions quickly and accurately and remain available to clients for any additional inquiries.
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