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Rigid rail system
Rigid Rail Safety
Rigid rail systems are innovative fall protection systems with virtually endless possibilities for configuration, length, span, and coverage areas for indoor and outdoor work at heights. Rigid rails are durable and low maintenance, but the components in these systems can wear down over time. Problems such as rusted or loose bolted connections and faulty welds can compromise the rigid rail system’s safety. Unauthorized modifications can also jeopardize employee safety. Regular rigid rail inspections keep suspended access and fall protection systems OSHA and ANSI compliant to ensure the safety of workers at height.
Rigid Rail Inspection Requirements
Rigid rails must undergo inspections annually and immediately after a fall takes place. Applied Technical Services performs suspended access and fall protection inspections for several types of equipment, including rigid rails and monorails, among others. Our professional engineers are highly qualified and experienced and can verify whether clients’ fall protection systems meet safety standards. Our experts examine rigid rail systems and components for damage, wear, and nonconformance to system specifications. We visually inspect trolleys and welds and look for any signs of impact or deformation on the system. We can also perform torque testing on bolted connections. The inspector also checks for potential damage from unreported falls that would need repair before recertification and continued use.
In addition, ATS professionals review engineering documentation for important information. We examine drawings and calculations and check equipment load ratings, the maximum number of users, fall clearances, and lanyard requirements. We document any recommended repairs to give proprietors a clear idea of their equipment’s current condition. ATS can determine whether the rigid rail system meets applicable OSHA and ANSI standards so that employees can work at heights safely.
ATS Fall Protection Inspection Capabilities
Applied Technical Services utilizes extensive technical knowledge and real experience to provide high-caliber ANSI and OSHA-compliant fall protection inspections. We can apply a variety of services during the inspection and recertification process, such as:
We design our inspection solutions to address each client’s unique safety challenges. Our certified professional engineers provide clear, accurate, and detailed data regarding equipment status and any repairs necessary to ensure standard compliance. We ensure quick reporting so clients can make prompt, informed decisions about their equipment. Our experts remain available to clients to answer any additional questions.
If you need rigid rail inspections, contact Applied Technical Services today.

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