Roof Anchor System
Applied Technical Services provides roof anchor recertification and initial certification via roof anchor inspection and load testing by our team of licensed Professional Engineers and engineering consultants. ATS engineers hold multiple certifications and accreditations and are more than capable of handling all roof anchor recertification and initial certification needs in compliance with the following standards:
IWCA I-14.1-2001 and OSHA 1910.27 Window Washing Standard requires roof anchor recertification once every 10 years and initial certification prior to use for buildings to stay up to code.
Our Services
ATS offers roof anchor recertification services to ensure equipment compliance and safety for equipment users. Our roof anchor services include but are not limited to:
Our knowledgeable staff at Applied Technical Services will help building owners understand industry regulations and standards for compliance of roof anchor systems.
Inspections and Testing
Applied Technical Services inspects the following roof anchor system types:
Our highly trained roof anchor system experts provide inspections and testing to ensure industry standard compliance and safety by:
Applied Technical Services
At Applied Technical Services, our roof anchor recertification experts are skilled, experienced professionals committed to providing the highest level of client satisfaction by delivering quality service through our thorough knowledge of industry regulations and standards. With over fifty years of experience, ATS has the knowledge, tools, and resources to ensure our clients receive the level of high-quality service they need to keep their operations running smoothly.

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