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Applied Technical Services offers FEA services to assist clients in determining how their product or material would react to forces such as vibration, fluid flow, heat, and other physical effects. This process shows the physical limitations of materials, and the results can be compared and evaluated to applicable standards and codes.

Our Trained Personnel

The trained and certified personnel at Applied Technical Services provide high-quality FEA services. We perform Condition Assessments that give our clients the ability to schedule shutdowns, plan future inspections, and budget for repairs. ATS employs certified experts and licensed professional engineers to perform FEA services.

Our FEA Capabilities

Our team of Professional Engineers can develop transient or static, linear, or nonlinear finite element models to determine and assess thermal and structural responses. These analysis reports can record frequency histories and detail time, graphs, and contour plots of stress, structural loads, thermal loads, and deformation under loads or service conditions. Our FEA analysts can produce advanced 3D CAD and FEA models with precise thermal and structural representations. Additionally, ATS can provide the following FEA capabilities:

ATS Quality

For more than 50 years, Applied Technical Services has prided itself on providing the highest levels of client satisfaction. Our customer service team will always put you in touch with the most qualified professional to help with your inquiries. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we provide concise and timely results with accurate reporting. At Applied Technical Services, We Take a Closer Look. Contact us today for FEA services.

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