HAAG Certified Inspector

Our inspectors coupled with ATS Forensics experts are a one-stop-shop laboratory for roof inspections.

Applied Technical Services is an accredited testing lab with the equipment and the manpower necessary for a water loss investigation. The team of our HAAG Certified inspector and Forensics experts here at ATS has numerous years of experience investigating the origin and cause of water damage. We have worked for many years with both litigation attorneys as well as Insurance Adjusters on both sides of subrogation cases involving a wide diversity of plumbing issues by performing HAAG Certified inspections.

To enhance the ability of our clients to make informed decisions, our HAAG Certified inspector and Forensics Investigators will provide an objective and science-based examination. From experience, we understand the importance of rendering an opinion (and reasons for them) that will withstand judicial scrutiny, and are effectively communicated to the trier of fact.

HAAG Certifications

Our HAAG Certified inspectors posses the following certifications.

  • Commercial Roof Inspector Certification
  • Residential Roof Inspector Certification
Water Damages

Water damages can come from many sources and in a variety of methods. Most damage from water in homes normally come from the following causes, which can be discovered during the HAAG Certified inspection:

  • Leaking, frozen, and damaged pipes
  • Household supply lines and connectors
  • Improper plumbing installation
  • Leaky, failed, and defective valves
  • Drainage issues
  • Failed sump pumps
Water Infiltration

Water infiltration through the exterior envelope can cause severe damage to the interior finishes, leading to business loses and interruptions. ATS can provide building envelope assessments, infrared thermography, moisture mapping and roof inspection services with our HAAG Certified inspectors.

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