Department of Defense Testing in Accordance to ITAR Regulations

Communications Vehicle Tested to ITAR Standards
The importance of independent and objective testing of United States military and defense-related equipment and technology demands that the U.S armed forces’ systems and weapons are ready for use. Applied Technical Services provides Department of Defense testing in accordance to ITAR regulations. ATS performs testing to strict Military Standards (MIL-STD) specifications while following ITAR’s rigorous regulatory requirements for process and procedural compliance. ATS’ capabilities support, manage, and direct testing programs for defense institutions, companies, and contractors.
Our ISO 17025 (A2LA) Accredited testing lab incorporates a multitude of disciplines to conduct military testing services. Our materials testing, mechanical testing, environmental simulation, calibration laboratory, and nondestructive testing divisions each offer testing or calibration services to relevant MIL-STD specifications.
Common Mil-STD Testing Capabilities
Weld Testing and Certification
*Many MIL-STD specifications for weld qualification have been replaced by AWS and AMS Standards. ATS tests in compliance with those standards as well.
Environmental Testing
Electrical Testing
Nondestructive Testing
*Many MIL-STD specifications for NDT have been replaced by NAVSEA, ASTM, and NAS Standards. ATS tests in compliance with those standards as well.
ATS’ military testing protects vital information, technical data, and product evaluations. Our comprehensive testing services commonly involve material, environmental, and electrical analyses, as well as overall mechanical operation. Our suite of Department of Defense testing services — performed in accordance with ITAR regulations — may include, but not be limited to:
Quality Assurance
Additionally, ATS implements a Quality Assurance program committed to excellence with itemized practices, certifications, and accreditations. Our engineers and technicians are trained to deliver military testing in accordance to ITAR regulations and produce accurate analysis and reporting. Applied Technical Services focuses on going above and beyond to provide testing services that evaluate the reliability and performance of the equipment for US Military. We maintain compliance while providing complete satisfaction for our client manufacturers, exporters, importers, and brokers of defense articles and data. If you need compliant US Military and defense-related testing services, contact ATS to schedule a free consultation.

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