Applied Technical Services provides micro tensile testing through our tensile testing laboratory. The experts in the tensile testing laboratory utilize various methods to determine the tensile properties of select materials. The tensile lab can provide reporting on percent elongation, tensile strength, yield strength, and reduction of area. Our experts perform all micro tensile testing to relevant standards and certifications.

What is Micro Tensile Testing?

Micro tensile testing frequently accompanies macro or large-scale tensile testing. Large-scale tensile testing is imperative to understanding a material’s fracture strength and yield strength but falls short in evaluating individual interfaces or phases. Micro tensile testing aims to quantify the properties of a single interface or phase. A focused-ion beam (FIB) prepares a sample for micro tensile testing, creating a dog-bone-shaped sample that remains attached to the original sample material. The testing machines pulls the micro samples, and makes measurements for tensile strength, elongation, and percent elongation at yield and failure.

Tensile Testing Capabilites

The tensile testing laboratory at Applied Technical Services offers a wide range of tensile testing methods. Utilizing Uniaxial Machines, our experts can employ any of the following methods:

Our technicians regularly perform tensile testing on a broad range of test materials, most commonly being:

Our mechanical and polymer testing laboratories offer additional tensile testing capabilities. The mechanical testing lab has a maximum force capacity of 400,000lbs with a maximum elevated temperature of 1832 °F. The polymer testing lab has a maximum force capacity of 20,000lbs and a temperature range from -19°F to 662°F (-70°C to 350°C).

Why ATS?

Applied Technical Services has offered engineering consulting and inspections for more than half a century. Our dedication to customer service is founded through our ISO 9001 certified corporate management program. Our tensile testing labs are accredited to ISO 17025 and are A2LA certified. The experts at ATS are highly qualified to tackle any client’s needs. They provide accurate and reliable reporting with quick return times. Contact us today to receive a quote regarding your micro tensile testing needs. At Applied Technical Services, We Take a Closer Look!

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