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EDS Material Analysis

Applied Technical Services performs EDS material analysis to identify a subject’s chemical and elemental composition.
What is EDS Analysis?
EDS, also known as energy-dispersive spectroscopy, consists of using a focused scanning electron beam via electron microscope to stimulate a subject material’s atoms. This results in the emittance of characteristic x-ray spectrums that are specific to the type of element being analyzed. Our highly trained EDS material analysis experts are then able to closely examine these electromagnetic emissions and identify any unknown materials present. Energy-dispersive spectroscopy is a highly effective method for identifying physical and chemical properties of a test subject. The ATS metallurgy lab is capable of performing EDS material analysis on several types of materials, including but not limited to:
Applied Technical Services conducts EDS material analysis alongside our SEM (scanning electron microscopy) services and performs all SEM-EDS testing and analysis services in adherence with ASTM E1508.
Additional Metallurgy Services
The ATS metallurgy lab offers a comprehensive list of services in addition to EDS analysis, including but not limited to:
Quality Assured
Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services is proud to be the preferred testing provider of several of the nation’s most revered companies and manufacturers. ATS has strived to maximize the value of our industrial testing services for over five decades. We maintain internationally recognized certifications and accreditations and utilize innovative technologies to provide the most accurate reporting with consistent quality. ATS services clients around the world in multiple industries, such as:
ATS adheres to a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure we always exceed the expectations of our clients and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction on every project. Contact the industry leaders at ATS today for a free quote for EDS material analysis services.

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