Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy lab conducts fracture surface analysis, failure analysis, metal identification, and other metallurgical services. Our full-service metallurgy facilities employ chemists, engineers, and technicians with decades of combined experience in a wide range of backgrounds.

What is Fracture Surface Analysis?

Fracture surface analysis allows technicians to investigate the contributor factors that caused a material to fracture. Even high-quality materials are prone to failure, so it’s important to assess the root causes of failure, allowing manufacturers to improve their production processes. 

Understanding Metal Fractures

Ductile Fractures in Metals

A ductile fracture occurs when a material undergoes extensive plastic deformation before breaking. The fractures are often gradual, granting time to correct the cause of the fracture. The causes of ductile fractures in metal include:

Brittle Fractures in Metals

A brittle fracture is a quick and often asymptomatic fracture with little to no warning signs of plastic degradation. Unlike other fractures, materials that suffer brittle fractures may not undergo thinning but instead suffer from sudden cracks that rapidly propagate. The causes of brittle fractures in metal include:

Applied Technical Services' Metallurgy Lab

ATS’ metallurgy lab serves clients in various industries worldwide, including:

Our lab professionals conduct thorough investigations of metal alloys and implore the latest industry standards to ensure that our services are compliant with industry expectations, including:

We provide testing for various metals such as:

About Applied Technical Services Metallurgy Lab

Since 1967, ATS has been committed to professional engineering consulting, testing, inspection, and analysis services to an ever-growing list of clients in various industries worldwide. As an ISO 9001 certified management systemwe prioritize continuous improvement and continue to add to our extensive list of accreditations and certifications. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 and inquire about our fracture surface analysis services.