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Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy lab provides grain size distribution services. Our metallurgy lab performs quality assurance testing, failure analysis, reverse engineering, and litigation support. Our experts work closely with clients to determine the overall scope and objective of a project. 

What is Grain Size, and Why is it Important?

A grain is a small section of metal with a continuous crystal lattice pattern. The interface between two grains is a grain boundary which serves as a buffer region where atoms don’t directly align with either grain. Grain size affects several physical properties, including:

Grain size influences the properties of metals, and material processing can modify the size and density of grains, altering their performance. For example, as grain size increases, its strength decreases, so a manufacturer may try to maintain a specific grain size. Understanding grain size allows manufacturers to determine the ideal applications for a metal. Grain size analysis is an effective way of evaluating a material’s grain size profile to determine its best uses.

How is Grain Size Measured?

The Intercept Method

Experts draw a straight line through the micrograph and count the number of grain boundaries intersecting the line. The average grain size is determined by totaling the number of intersections and dividing that number by the length of the line. This process is repeated twice more for the best results.

The Planimetric Method

Experts count the total number of grains in a specified area. The grains are individually marked once counted to prevent miscounting. 

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