Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy lab offers various hardness testing services. We provide prompt and professional litigation support, material identification, failure analysis, and other metallurgical services. 

What is Hardness Testing, and What is its Importance

A material’s hardness is its resistance to permanent indentation, and hardness testing identifies the physical properties of a material, including strength, wear resistance, and ductility.

A material’s strength and durability heavily determine its potential uses and applications, and hardness testing is a valuable tool in evaluating a material’s resistance value. Hardness testing is helpful in failure analysis, quality control, and materials testing services. 

Brinell Hardness Test

The Brinell hardness test determines a metal’s hardness by measuring the diameter of the indention left by an indenter. The test is commonly conducted on metals with rough surfaces and has various advantages, including:

Knoop Hardness Test

The Knoop hardness test measures a material’s hardness by applying a diamond or pyramid-shaped indenter to test the material. Technicians remove the indenter and measure the indention’s size to determine the material’s hardness value. The test has several advantages, including:

Vickers Hardness Test

The Vickers hardness test measures an indentation’s depth and converts it into a material’s hardness value.

Rockwell Hardness Test

The Rockwell hardness test determines a material’s hardness by converting the depth of an indentation into a hardness value.  

Applied Technical Services' Metallurgy Lab Services

Our metallurgy lab employs metallurgists, chemists, and engineers with have decades of combined experience in analysis and quality assurance testing services. Our lab technicians conduct tests using the latest accreditations and practices, including:

ATS’ metallurgy lab serves the following industries.

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