Our Metallurgy lab at ATS offers Knoop Hardness Testing to measure hardness variations that occur over a relatively small distance.

ATS' Knoop Hardness Testing Capabilities

These variations may be intentional, such as ones produced as a result of surface hardening, (induction or flame hardening, carburization, nitriding, carbonitriding, etc.); or, they may be unintentional due to localized softening during manufacturing or while in service (decarburization), or from microstructural segregation problems. Low test forces allow Knoop hardness testing to be performed on materials too thin or too small for macroindentation tests. Hardness values, although empirical in nature, can be correlated to tensile strength for many metals and alloys, and are also an indicator of other properties such as machinability, wear resistance, toughness, and ductility. Considered a microhardness test method, Knoop technique typically uses test loads that are in the range of 100 to 500 grams.

Due to its rhombic shape, the Knoop indenter does not produce a geometrically similar indentation. Its indentation depth being shallower compared to Vickers hardness under identical test conditions allows Knoop scale to be extremely useful for evaluating hardness gradients or thin coatings of sectioned samples.

ASTM Standards:

Our metallurgy lab conducts Knoop Hardness Testing in conformance with the defined ASTM E92 and E384 standards. ASTM standards require that testers creating indentations at very low test forces are carefully constructed to not only accurately apply the test forces exactly at the desired location, but must also have a high-quality optical system to precisely measure the diagonal of the small indents. Following internationally recognized ASTM standards ensures our engineers and technicians to provide accurate and consistent results to our clients.

Our Metallurgy Lab

Our experts from our chemistry and engineering departments collaborate in our Metallurgy Lab to utilize the complex combination of skills necessary for uncovering the specialized solutions demanded by our clients. Operating under a scope of accreditations and standards throughout our independent testing services, we are always seeking ways in which to provide services of exceptional value to our clients.
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ATS Quality Assurance Programs

Our Quality Management system is one which we take with the utmost seriousness. Our experts complement their expertise with modern technology to provide a descriptive understanding of our findings. Data and insights reported to clients are clear and accurate. Our lab facilities are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited and ISO 9001 certified to ensure consistency and accuracy in our test results.

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