Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy lab conducts laser grain size analysis. Our analysis services provide information on the microstructure of metals to determine their best uses.

What is Grain Size Analysis?

A metal’s grain size refers to the continuous lattice pattern in a small section of metal. Grain size affects the following physical factors. 

Manufacturers often analyze the grain size of metal structures to predict their performance in specific applications. Many applications require specific mechanical properties, so evaluating materials to determine their performance qualities is essential. Grain size analysis is also an investigative tool that can help reveal the causes of mechanical failure. 

American Society for Testing and Materials

Our grain analysis services adhere to the following standards

Our metallurgy lab conducts failure analysis, litigation support, material identification, and other metallurgical services for clients across the globe. We employ polite and professional metallurgists, engineers, and chemists with decades of combined experience in diverse disciplines. Our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service, so we update our clients with concise and accurate reporting throughout the service process to ensure that we meet the demands of our client’s project. Our services uphold the latest industry standards and guidelines and are conducted promptly, without compromising quality.

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