Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy lab offers scanning electron microscope services and analysis. Our SEM lab commonly conducts forensic investigations, failure analysis, and research services for clients requiring high-resolution imagery.

What is a Scanning Electron Microscope?

A scanning electron microscope or SEM uses a beam of electrons to magnify the image of a material’s surface, allowing for further analysis. SEM magnifications can reach 300,000X and reveal information about a material’s composition, topography, and morphology. Scanning electron microscopes have several advantages, including:

SEMs are essential in the research and development of products because they allow manufacturers to understand the potential strengths, failures, and uses of materials. 

Applied Technical Services' SEM Lab

Our scanning electron microscope is a Hitachi S-3700N, equipped to handle various applications across several industries. Features include:

Our scanning electron microscope services include: 

ATS' SEM-EDS Analysis Services
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