Scanning Electron Microscopy

With its large specimen chamber Applied Technical Services’ Hitachi S-3700N SEM allows large sample examination and manipulation without sectioning — A major advantage for investigation of legal evidence.
With typical magnifications from 30–60,000X, the scanning electron microscope is a powerful tool for failure analysis, surface examination, and particle morphology investigation.
In failure analysis, the SEM is commonly used for fracture mode assessment, such as ductile overload rupture, intergranular cracking, fatigue, and brittle cleavage. With the SEM we can also perform dimensional measurements using ASTM B748 Standard, for as low as 0.1 microns for platings, particles, and surface features such as wear or pitting.

The incorporated energy dispersive spectroscopy chemical analysis technique makes it easy to carry out a host of investigations. Since the S-3700N is also a variable pressure system, it is possible to examine non-conducting samples (plastics, ceramics, oxides) without sputter coating and with excellent image quality.

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