Applied Technical Services’ SEM lab provides high-resolution imaging ideal for failure analysis and other metallurgy services.

What is SEM, and Why is it Important?

Scanning Electron Microscopy is a common material’s science technique where the image of a material’s surface is magnified for further analysis. SEM allows magnifications to reach up to 300,000X, providing information about the sample material’s topography, morphology, and composition. The high-resolution imaging is ideal for various applications, including:

SEM is an effective investigative tool that highlights the microscopic details of materials. Scanning electron microscopy is useful in research and development as it allows manufacturers to further their understanding of a material’s composition, potential uses, and failures. ATS provides SEM lab services for the following industries. 

Applied Technical Services' SEM Analysis Lab
The Advantages of Scanning Electron Microscopy

SEM has several advantages, including: 

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