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XRD Analysis

Applied Technical Services offers XRD analysis through our metallurgy laboratory. XRD or x-ray diffraction is an observation method utilized in material identification. This method can be useful in many applications, from corrosion failure analysis to reverse engineering. Our metallurgy experts conduct all XRD analysis testing in accordance with the ASTM D934 standard.

X-Ray Diffraction

XRD analysis, or surface XRD, is a non-destructive observation method used to assess the atomic structure of crystalline materials. XRD works by exposing a material to incident x-rays that excite the crystal atoms, which scatter the angles of the x-ray, allowing them to be measured and evaluated. This phenomenon is known as elastic scattering. Our technicians compare the diffraction patterns to the diffraction pattern database at the ICDD (International Centre for Diffraction Data), cross-referencing the patterns against a multitude of references to determine the composition of the sample material.

X-ray diffraction helps clients understand their sample material’s atomic qualities and limitations. This useful method can determine structural properties such as lattice parameters, grain size, epitaxy, strain, preferred orientation, and phase composition. ATS technicians perform XRD analysis to help clients with metallurgic phase verification, research and development, corrosion analysis, contaminant identification, reverse engineering for coatings, and material production. XRD analysis is a versatile method that can analyze powder samples, certain coatings, and metallurgical mounts.

Our Metallurgy Capabilities

Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy laboratory offers a litany of additional services such as failure analysis, litigation support, material identification, and more. Our team of qualified professionals routinely performs the following metallurgic testing services:

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