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Applied Technical Services is a leader among XRD testing labs. We provide XRD, or x-ray diffraction, services for numerous applications, from corrosion failure analysis to reverse engineering. Our metallurgical experts complete testing according to ASTM D934 guidelines.
X-Ray Diffraction
X-ray diffraction is an analytical technique that identifies and provides information about crystalline materials such as minerals or inorganic compounds. XRD scatters monochromatic x-rays through a sample material with randomly oriented crystal structures. The diffractometer reads the intensity of the diffracted x-rays from several angles, gathering a diffraction pattern that is characteristic of the sample material. ATS runs the pattern against the International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) diffraction pattern database, which supplies hundreds of thousands of reference patterns, to determine exactly which compounds are present.
XRD Benefits
Crystal structures largely influence material properties and function. XRD allows clients to precisely determine their material’s qualities. XRD testing can assist clients with metallurgical phase verification, corrosion analysis, research and development, contaminant identification, reverse engineering for coatings, and material production. This rapid testing method can analyze powder samples with approximately dime-sized packed volumes, as well as certain coatings and metallurgical mounts.
Our Metallurgical Capabilities
The ATS metallurgy lab provides clients with a wide array of testing options to assist with failure analysis, material identification, litigation support, and more. Our experts bring knowledge and experience to every form of testing, providing clients with accurate, high-quality testing services. Our capabilities include:
ATS: Dependable Services
Since 1967, Applied Technical Services has provided clients with dependable testing and inspection services. Our staff of professional engineers, technicians, chemists, inspectors, calibrators, and metallurgists serve industrial and commercial clients around the globe. Our services benefit numerous industries, including:
ATS regards quality as a core value for our testing services. We strive to continually improve our customer service practices, ensuring that our clients have good experiences with us. We connect customers to subject matter experts who can assist them with their specific inquiries. Our testing professionals deliver clear, detailed data in a timely manner and remain open to questions throughout the testing process.
If you are looking for a leader among XRD testing labs, contact ATS today.

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