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OES Analysis Lab

Optical Emission Spectroscopy or OES analysis allows chemists to determine the chemical composition of various metals and alloys. The ATS OES analysis lab is well-equipped to provide clients with comprehensive metals testing and analysis. ATS chemists at the OES analysis lab utilize this technology to serve clients in various applications, such as process control, forensic analysis, tableware metal release testing, trace analysis, and failure analysis.
How OES Analysis works
OES analysis utilizes a “sparking process” in which an electrical discharge is applied to the sample, vaporizing a small amount of the material. This reaction causes a plasma discharge with a distinct chemical signature to be analyzed by proficient ATS chemists. The results break down the percentage of each constituent element making up the alloy sample.
OES analysis is most effective on softer metals that will respond well to the sparking process. Harder metals may be more resistant to sparking and are better suited for other chemical analysis methods that ATS offers. Common materials tested in the ATS OES Analysis Lab include:

We encourage prospective clients who do not find their metal of concern listed above to contact Applied Technical Services, as our comprehensive array of capabilities may still meet their needs. The metals analysis lab at ATS can analyze almost any metal, regardless of size, shape, or form. ATS has been providing quality and reliable testing and analysis services for over 50 years. Our experts have decades of combined experience and can recommend the best options for each clients’ needs.

Why use ATS OES Analysis Laboratories
Applied Technical Services is ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA to conduct OES testing and analysis per the following standards: ASTM E1507, ASTM E1251, ASTM E1086, and ASTM E415. ATS is committed to top-of-the-line quality assurance by meeting even the most demanding industry requirements. Our Marietta lab, where we perform all OES testing, maintains an ISO 9001 certification. If your company requires quick and dependable results at a competitive price, contact Applied Technical Services.

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