The WDXRF Spectrometer can conduct WDXRF Analysis for virtually any element on the periodic table. 

This instrumentation is helpful when analyzing highly alloyed or complex samples to determine elemental percentages. Our Rigaku Primus II ESX Spectrometer wavelength dispersive XRF allows for accurate analysis of major and minor constituents in various material matrices. The Rigaku ZSX Primus II Spectrometer is equipped with a 4KW x-ray generator and features microanalysis and mapping options. A powerful Fundamental Parameters software package is also featured, which allows for accurate standardless analysis covering the elemental range from fluorine to uranium.

Common WDXRF Analysis Includes the Following Alloy Types:
ATS quality assurance program meets the most stringent requirements, including the nuclear industry. We carry ISO 9001 certification and our chemistry laboratory is ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited.

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