MIL STD 810g 516.6 Drop Testing
ATS Performs MIL STD 810G 516.6 Drop Testing

Many manufacturers are required to determine a component’s durability when dropped. ATS provides Mil Std 810G 516.6 drop testing services for those companies that are wanting to ensure their products meet military specifications. This rigorous test method, also known as shock testing, includes 8 different procedures. Each individual procedure simulates real world scenarios that can damage products when falling or crashing. Your test may include one or all procedures depending on your specified product requirements.

We have the capability to perform the following Procedures Outlined in This Drop Testing Method:
Our Testing Capabilities

This drop test method is performed in one of ATS’ ISO/IEC 17025 accredited environmental testing labs. Our labs are well equipped and operated by experts who adhere to standards and regulations on a daily basis. The environmental testing lab is fully capable of testing in compliance with all the specifications outlined in the procedures listed above.
Additional Military Testing Specs Frequently followed in the Environmental Labs include:

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