AC7101 Accredited Materials Testing Services

ATS' AC7101 Accredited Materials Testing Services

With ATS’ continued excellence in providing high-quality Materials Testing services, it is only natural that several service offerings have received the Nadcap AC7101 accreditation. The AC7101 accreditation places an inspiring distinction on the zeal of ATS to continue its mission in adding unrecognized value to our client services.

AC7101 Essentials

The AC7101 accreditation is an industry-managed program, recognizing ATS with expertise in the process and quality control standards followed throughout several Materials Testing services. AC7101 accreditation is granted upon an audit, which is conducted by the Performance Review Institute (PRI). The completed audit is presented to the appropriate Nadcap Task Group for approval. A Nadcap Task Group is a group of experts who focus on enhancing the quality and the procedures performed to ensure Nadcap accreditation remains technically robust. Any issues identified must be resolved via a Nadcap Non-Conformance Report, in which AC7101 accreditation is granted upon the completion of all NCRs.

Scope of Certification

The introduction of Nadcap in 1990 was to ensure certain quality control and standardization measures were in place for aerospace service providers seeking Nadcap accreditation. ATS’s AC7101 accreditation scope covers Nadcap criteria between AC7101/1 to AC7101/7, including Chemical Analysis (AES, OES, XRF), Mechanical Testing and Specimen Preparation (Tensile, Impact, Fatigue, Fracture Toughness), Metallography and Microindentation Hardness, Hardness Testing (Rockwell, Vickers), and Corrosion Testing (SCC, IGA, IGO). The Nadcap accreditation validates ATS’ commitment to continuously refine the process and quality control standards of its services.

About Applied Technical Services (ATS)

Applied Technical Services (ATS) was founded in 1967, grounded in the importance of providing consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services across multiple industries. ATS measures its success through client satisfaction, with services that meet the fundamental standards of quality, integrity, and professionalism. Through our mission, ATS strives to be recognized as the industry leader of several services, including NDT Inspections, Forensic and Fire Investigations, Structural Engineering, and Metallurgical Analysis.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

ATS experts are talented and knowledgeable, dedicated to providing high-quality services aimed at exceeding customer expectations. They strive to provide accurate data in a timely manner. In adjunct with the Quality System, ATS performs services in compliance within the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 (A2LA) standards, defined to aim progression within the continual improvement process.

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