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ATS' AC7110 Accredited Weld Services

Within the field of Weld Inspection and Testing, ATS has received numerous Nadcap AC7110 accreditations after successfully meeting the defined Nadcap audit requirements. ATS continues to enhance the value of the services through Nadcap accreditation to strengthen our commitment to providing solutions in accordance with our Quality Assurance program.

Nadcap Breakdown

Nadcap is an industry-managed approach to conformity assessment that brings together technical experts from both Industry and Government to establish requirements for accreditation, accredit Suppliers and define operational program requirements. It was founded in 1990 to provide audit and accreditation services to high-quality aerospace prime contractors. The different Nadcap AC7110 accreditations received by ATS are defined below:

With the Nadcap inspection of Metallurgical materials being considered fundamental in the industrial processes of the Evaluation of Welds, ATS’s AC7110 accreditations confirm that this foundational step of weld qualification services is conducted within the highest benchmark. Nadcap requirements are the industry standard, with AC7110 accreditations being no exception. In case of unsatisfactory results, ATS can also provide follow up testing and analysis, which helps determine potential problems and present possible solutions.

Advantages of AC7110 Accreditation

The Nadcap AC7110 Evaluation of Welds is consistently utilized by the aerospace industry. Whether it be destructive or non-destructive testing, ATS experts utilize several industry calibers, including ASME, AWS, API, and NAVSEA standards, in adjunct with Nadcap requirements. Our conformance to Nadcap and their defined AC7110 criteria solidify our continued mission in the advancement of our high-quality testing and inspection services.

About Applied Technical Services (ATS)

Applied Technical Services (ATS) was founded in 1967 with a commitment to providing high-quality engineering, testing, and inspection services to uncover technical answers and solutions. ATS is known for uncovering insights in a variety of areas, including Metallurgy, Chemical Analysis, Fires and Explosions, and Forensic Investigations. We strive for client excellence, believing a culture of safety and integrity results in our vision of being regarded as an industry leader.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

A valuable tool, the ATS Quality System is recognized throughout the various industries in which our services operate in. This ensures that we are constantly improving the operations of the services we offer, with clear and accurate results being delivered within an appropriate time frame. All testing and inspection services are performed in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards to ensure domestic and international benchmarks are being met by such quality improvement processes.

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