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A Nadcap Certified Company

Applied Technical Services (ATS) is proud to be among the few service providers recognized on the Nadcap Certified Companies List. ATS’s Nadcap accreditation validates our capacity in performing a variety of service offerings within stringent industry standards. Certified components of specific procedures are considered by Nadcap to reaffirm ATS’s commitment to quality, integrity, and professionalism within our range of diversified laboratory services.

Industry Significance

The introduction of Nadcap in 1990 was an approach aimed at systematizing the procedures followed for services offered by ATS and other companies to the aerospace industry. Certified personnel within the service field, including government representatives and prime contractors, conduct an audit process with a list of requirements to ensure the Nadcap-defined quality assurance measures are satisfied. ATS’s accreditation validates that the specific processes utilized are in accordance with the highest standards defined by the given industry, resulting in superior services offered to our customers compared to other companies.

A Qualified Provider

Nadcap’s accreditation program allows ATS the opportunity to maintain a conscious approach to the development of our quality assurance in the details of the services we offer. Being certified secures efficiency and ensures cost-effective approaches are adopted within the special process quality systems. ATS possesses a team of multi-disciplined, motivated problem solvers, equipped with the essential technical and analytical capabilities, to deliver the solutions vital for customer satisfaction.

About Applied Technical Services (ATS)

In 1967, Applied Technical Services (ATS) established itself to be a leading provider of consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services. Our services cover a variety of industries, creating a path for individual achievement through our technical solutions. ATS experts are adept and well-versed, committed to the spirit of providing services of unrivaled value. Fundamental to our vision, we believe in using innovative technology to make sure our customers’ needs and expectations are exceeded.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

To assure the highest standard of quality is received by our customers, ATS’s Quality System is compliant with the defined quality standards for the industries we serve. Our certifications and accreditations attest to this, as they remain fundamental to our overall integrity and mission for excellence. ATS performs services in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 (A2LA) standards to solidify international and domestic recognition of its services with the respective organizations.

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