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ATS - A Prime Nadcap Certified Supplier

ATS is one of the few Nadcap Certified Suppliers throughout a variety of inspection and testing service industries. As a Nadcap certified supplier, ATS demonstrates its ongoing dedication to the basic need of advancement within engineering, inspection, and testing services. Upon the validation of the Performance Review Institute (PRI) audit process, the Nadcap certification allows ATS to enhance its commitment to quality and professionalism within the aerospace field.

Certified Merit

Nadcap Certified Suppliers are deemed leaders within the aerospace industry. Although the integral mission is to “manage a cost-effective approach” to the auditing process, Nadcap’s actual value exceeds what is observant at face value. Certified Suppliers recognize and act under standards defined by industry experts, adhering to stringent requirements to guarantee uniformity in tailored solutions. Being an industry-managed program, Nadcap ensures customers are represented at each level within its organizational structure. From the tactical to the technical, Nadcap ensures innovation throughout its standards.

Advantageous for All

The aerospace industry without Nadcap refers us to a world of unknown effectiveness in aerospace auditing. Nadcap Certified Suppliers are industry-recognized professionals, undergoing a strict audit process to evaluate followed procedures. For each Nadcap criteria not recognized or correctly followed, a Nonconformance Report (NCR) will be issued. The company must then determine the root-cause and corrective action processes to all NCRs before accreditation is granted. Although “perfect” performance is coveted, NCRs attract attention to processes that require prime consideration.

About Applied Technical Services (ATS)

Since 1967, Applied Technical Services has been referred to as an industry leader, offering high-quality consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services. All services are provided in conformance with defined industry requirements and standards. ATS maintains a maximum dedication to our core values to ensure the characteristics of quality and integrity are never compromised.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

ATS is committed to its vision of being an expert within its offered services. All data is accurate and delivered to our clients punctually for overall excellence. The Quality System of ATS is compliant with numerous industry standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 (A2LA) requirements for domestic and international recognition with relevant organizations.

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