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Nadcap Welding Certification Testing Services

At ATS, we believe our achievement of the Nadcap Welding Certification allows us to furnish each individual client with the desired high-quality procedure and performance qualifications. Whether the inspection is within the laboratory or in the field, ATS has the expertise and capabilities to ensure each client is provided with an accurate testing or inspection report.

Why Certified?

At ATS, we are committed to refining and improving each individual facet of the services we offer. The Nadcap Certification for Weld Qualification Testing allows ATS to conduct its traditional and advanced testing grounded in the characteristics of quality and efficiency. The auditing process administered by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) is vital in obtaining this certification, ensuring that the organization is operating under stringent requirements. This auditing process seeks to “standardize the quality assurance” to maintain the integrity and commitment of ATS to provide excellent services of unmatched value.


In adjunct with the Nadcap weld qualification testing certification, we utilize several standards to guarantee the core values of ATS are met so our client’s expectations can be exceeded. ASME, AWS, and API standards are just a few of the requirements we follow to ensure uniformity and compliance with applicable industry standards. The joint effort of these standards in collaboration with the Nadcap certification results in superior offerings of the weld testing services.

About Applied Technical Services (ATS)

Applied Technical Services (ATS) has offered a wide array of different engineering, testing, and inspection services within a vast number of industries since 1967. ATS strives itself on progression, believing this trait allows the vision of becoming an industry leader turn reality. Applied Technical Services offers services in other areas, including Chemical Analysis, Metallurgy, Materials Testing, Fires and Explosions, and Calibration Services.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

Applied Technical Services is committed to exceeding our client expectations by providing certified services and testing. All testing is completed on time, reporting accurate and straightforward results. Testing and inspection services are performed in compliance with ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 standards to ensure domestic and international benchmarks are being met by such quality improvement processes.

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