Concrete X-ray Los Angeles

inside of an industrial concrete building with concrete slab pillars

Concrete X-ray Los Angeles

Applied Technical Services provides concrete X-ray scanning for various industries in the Los Angeles area. Our non-destructive testing team regularly uses radiography to scan for foreign embedded objects or defects that are not visible to the naked eye.

Why Utilize Concrete Inspections?

When working with concrete, knowing the location of any embedded objects such as rebar, pipes, cables, or anything else that could interfere with the drilling, coring, or cutting of concrete proves mission-critical. Hitting these foreign objects could damage equipment or pose a safety risk to the job site and work personnel. This could result in potential structural damage, causing a project to be more time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, fully understanding what features lay inside a concrete structure before work begins can prevent causing electrical, plumbing, or structural damage. Concrete X-ray inspections can help isolate problems before they become a more significant issue in the future.

ATS Radiography

Radiography, also known as X-ray, is the most effective method of inspecting concrete due to its reliable and accurate imaging capabilities. Our NDT technicians utilize this technology to view the interior structure of concrete to locate any potential structural issues or embedded objects. X-ray allows technicians to see any obstructions such as rebar, conduits, plumbing or wires in concrete structures up to 24” thick.

To perform X-ray scanning, our technicians require full access to both sides of the structure. From there, radiation is transmitted through the concrete from one side to a detector film recording the differences in absorption on the other side. Our experts will interpret the scans and create permanent records for clients as proof of inspection. The radiation caused by this method requires our technicians to create a restricted perimeter around the inspection area while X-ray occurs. ATS professionals are certified and expertly trained to follow industry and radiation safety standards.

Quality Assurance

Applied Technical Services has provided reliable and accurate testing and inspections for over 50 years. Our non-destructive testing experts can provide high-quality concrete X-ray inspections in the Los Angeles area in a timely and professional manner. With every inspection, we provide clients with detailed and meticulous reports. If you seek concrete X-ray inspections in the Los Angeles area and want high-quality service from a trusted provider, contact Applied Technical Services to request your free quote.

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