FFS Evaluations

Applied Technical Services performs fitness for service (FFS) evaluations for numerous industries including power generation, pulp & paper, chemical, manufacturing, and others. We utilize FFS to evaluate and assess fixed assets such as tanks, piping, and pressure vessels. FFS evaluations can help determine the integrity and safety of industrial equipment, helping asset Owners make run/repair/replace decisions affecting aging equipment. ATS conducts FFS evaluations in accordance with API 579-1/ASME FFS-1.

Our highly trained and qualified experts can accurately assess a material’s structural limits, identifying any potential issues before they become hazards.
NDT Technologies
ATS is a multidisciplinary firm with FFS capabilities in multiple departments, such as engineering, metallurgy, nondestructive testing, mechanical testing, and chemical analysis. We utilize several forms of nondestructive testing (NDT) technology to preserve the integrity of our clients’ equipment. Our NDT capabilities include:
The wide range of technologies we use allows us to take a comprehensive look at our clients’ assets, inside and out. Our experts can determine which form of testing would be most effective for each client’s unique needs.
ATS Experts
ATS employs an experienced team of Engineers and Subject Matter Experts to conduct FFS evaluations. These professionals have extensive knowledge in their respective industries and can recommend cost-effective solutions for any potential issues. Our experts include:
FFS can help clients reduce unplanned downtime, schedule inspections, and plan repairs when needed. We aim to minimize disruptions to our clients’ timelines and budgets while maximizing our inspection value. Our experts determine acceptable limits for damage and flaws through FFS guidelines so clients can reduce unnecessary repair costs while maintaining safety at their facilities.
Our Dependable Services
For over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has built a reputation in testing and inspection services. Our commitment to excellence makes us leaders in NDT, metallurgy, and numerous other fields. We put clients first through our customer service policies. Our customer service team always connects clients with the most relevant experts who can help with their requests. Our professionals deliver clear, accurate data within a short turnaround. Our experts remain available to clients for any additional questions.
If you could benefit from FFS evaluations, contact ATS today. We take a closer look!

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