Robotic Tank Inspection

Robotic Tank Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services provides robotic tank inspection services, giving clients essential information without interrupting their production. We utilize our remote visual inspection (RVI) technologies to make our inspections as safe and efficient as possible.
Remote Visual Inspection
Our RVI technologies include push cameras, magnetic crawlers, borescopes, pipe crawlers, and other robotic camera systems that allow technicians to conduct comprehensive tank inspections remotely. RVI removes the need for divers, confined space entry, or equipment deconstruction without forfeiting the quality of the examination. Robotic inspection allows the tank to remain in service and requires minimal preparation. Our cameras capture high-definition footage that allows us to identify numerous flaws, including:
We also have the capacity to 3D analyze and measure any flaws, giving clients a more detailed understanding of their equipment’s condition.
Our Capabilities
ATS offers more than a simple inspection; we conduct a full condition assessment on tanks and their components, including floors, shells, nozzles, roofs, welds, valves, and more. ATS can also apply our RVI technology to more than just tanks. We can service:
We can ensure safety and compliance with applicable standards for all our clients’ critical assets. Our experts can make suggestions regarding maintenance and help plan future shutdowns and repairs.
Our NDT Experts
Applied Technical Services’ non-destructive testing division offers a variety of services that benefit numerous industries. Our highly experienced experts, including professional engineers and certified technicians, offer the highest quality services available. Alongside RVI, we perform numerous other NDT services, including:
Reliable NDT Services
Applied Technical Services has been a leading provider of industrial testing and inspection services since 1967. We have been continuously expanding our capabilities to give our clients the best possible service. Our dedicated experts work directly with clients to determine the most effective testing method to suit their needs. We serve numerous industries around the globe, such as:
Our customer service ambassadors connect clients to relevant experts who can help with their inquiries. We deliver clear, accurate, detailed results within a short time frame, allowing clients to make informed decisions regarding their assets. Clients may contact experts with any additional questions regarding testing or data.
If you need a robotic tank inspection, contact ATS today.

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