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Vessel Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services provides nondestructive vessel inspection services using remote visual inspection (RVI) techniques. RVI is a visual testing method that utilizes robotic or otherwise remotely operated camera technology to assess equipment and structures. We can ensure standard and code compliance while maximizing safety and efficiency using RVI.
RVI Capabilities
Our RVI experts use numerous technologies, such as push cameras, drones, pipe crawlers, borescopes, and magnetic crawlers, to conduct thorough visual inspections. These tools allow inspectors to evaluate vessels for cracks, mechanical damage, pitting, corrosion, and other flaws. We collect high-resolution visuals and three-dimensional scans to document equipment conditions in detail. Our certified technicians can make repair and maintenance recommendations based on the collected data.
Advantages of RVI
Remote visual inspection eliminates the costs and safety risks associated with confined space entry and equipment deconstruction. RVI allows inspectors to assess hazardous and tight spaces quickly and efficiently, assisting clients with everything from failure analysis to research and development. We use RVI to inspect more than just vessels; we can also evaluate:
We can assist clients with all their industrial systems, which includes equipment for the nuclear industry such as bottom mount instrumentation, control rod drive mechanisms, and reactor pressure vessels.
RVI can also assist with FOSAR (foreign object search and retrieval) operations. We can locate and remove objects or other debris from deep within industrial equipment to resolve blockages and other issues. We can conduct FOSAR operations in FME (foreign material exclusion) zones, helping clients with all their retrieval needs.
NDT Experts
Applied Technical Services has offered nondestructive testing services to our clients for decades. Our testing experts consult with clients to determine the most effective services for their particular needs. We deliver thorough, objective data within a short turnaround window to keep clients informed about their equipment’s current condition. We value our clients’ experience with our services, so we strive to deliver the best NDT services possible.
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