Nuclear Engineering Program Design

Applied Technical Services can create a comprehensive nuclear engineering program for your facility. We track the health of your equipment over time using the Piping Condition Assessment cycle. This four-stage plan helps maintain pipes, vessels, and tanks for cooling water, emergency service water, RHR service water, and other service water systems. We optimize the inspection process before conducting inspections, prioritizing your time and budget.
Program Objectives
The first step in the Piping Condition Assessment cycle is to determine the objectives. ATS bases the inspection Program Objectives on your plant objectives and desired outcomes. When developing a nuclear program, some of our primary goals include:
We work to increase your cost savings and efficiency while minimizing unexpected failures and unnecessary work.
Equipment Threats
Unexpected leakage or piping failure could drag you away from meeting your program objectives and necessitate time-consuming corrective actions. ATS helps clients prevent unexpected failures by identifying potential threats early. Most piping risk algorithms utilize hundreds of variables for each location to determine the consequence of failure. Realistically, the consequence of failure can be adequately characterized by only a few characteristics. Let ATS help you identify and collect only necessary data through our nuclear engineering program. We can provide inspection screening and acceptance criteria for every node from the piping stress reports.
Although several analytical options can allow for continued operation without additional compensatory actions, some of these options can be quite costly and contain some level of risk that will not satisfy the acceptance criteria. After all, once a location loses enough wall thickness, even the most sophisticated analysis will show that the component no longer meets the Code stress limits. Our engineers can help you create a comprehensive Run/Repair/Replace decision tree that streamlines the response to flaws and failures.
Inspections involve more than collecting data; selecting the best analysis tool maximizes the value of every inspection. ATS has numerous inspection methods at our disposal, from finite element analysis to guided wave testing. We can find the right inspection method to meet your needs, focusing on safety and efficiency. The data we collect allows clients to update their Program Objectives and continue the Piping Condition Assessment cycle.
Trust ATS for Consulting Engineering
ATS has provided excellence in consulting engineering for over 50 years. Our nuclear inspection services benefit system, program, and design engineers. We deliver clear, accurate reporting within a short time frame, enabling clients to make informed decisions concerning their equipment. Our experts remain available to clients for any questions regarding the program or data.
If you need a comprehensive nuclear engineering program, contact ATS today.

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