ATS Nuclear Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services performs nuclear inspection services to assist system, design, and program engineers with maintaining their nuclear equipment. We inspect tanks, vessels, and piping using the Piping Condition Assessment cycle: a method designed to focus the inspection process on the client’s needs. The cycle has four main components: objectives, threats, mitigation, and inspection.
Establishing Program Objectives
ATS takes a results-based approach to protect clients’ critical equipment rather than using generic compliance-based methods. A results-based program allows you to take actions that are needed to support the program while deferring or eliminating actions that are not necessary. Our engineers collect relevant data for meaningful trending. ATS can link your data to a predictive Degradation Model so you can easily spot and address any deficiencies in your systems. Our dashboard-style templates convey your Program effectiveness better than lengthy reports.
Identifying Threats
ATS can locate potential degradation mechanisms in your system and help prevent unexpected failures. Using only necessary data inputs, our Degradation Model provides:
We provide true acceptance criteria that account for how corrosion impacts your system. We can determine the point at which a component should be replaced to maximize performance.
Problem Mitigation Techniques
Without a clear understanding of the Program Objectives, a selected remediation approach could result in costly replacements that simply shift the degradation mechanism—a result that is significantly worse than taking no action. ATS recommends adopting a decision analysis methodology to define and meet Program and Site Objectives, expose potential biases, and explore all viable options. This helps to ensure that the selected remediation approach is the best available option. We can help design a decision tree that addresses every potential issue with the highest level of efficiency.
ATS Inspections
The ATS Degradation Model helps you justify the correct number of nuclear inspections based on data and your Program Objectives. We can easily show the impact of an increase or decrease in the number of inspections based on the potential outcome of those inspections. ATS offers a wide variety of nuclear NDT inspection methods, such as finite element analysis, encoded phased array ultrasonic testing, and guided wave testing.
High-Quality Services
Applied Technical Services is a top provider for nondestructive testing and evaluations. Our Appendix B and NQA-1 programs help clients comply with applicable standards while prioritizing the functionality of the equipment. ATS puts clients in direct contact with experts who can help resolve their inquiries. We deliver accurate, precise data as quickly as possible, allowing clients to make prompt, informed decisions in regard to their equipment.
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