Parking Deck Barrier Cable

penta parking deck barrier cable

Parking Deck Barrier Cable

PENTA Engineering Group, LLC provides engineering consulting and repair services for parking deck barrier cables. Parking decks are, by design, vertical structures. As with any other vertical structure, engineers and architects must take precautions to minimize the danger of falling. This concern especially applies to parking decks; a falling vehicle causes damage not only to the driver and their property but everyone and everything around it. One of the best ways to protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians in a parking deck is to install barrier cable at all ledges.

While other safety barriers exist, namely concrete walls and guard rails, barrier cable systems prove to be more effective, more aesthetically pleasing, and more cost-efficient than current alternatives. PENTA helps clients who need barrier cable systems for their parking decks by offering the following solutions.
When a client contacts us for consultation on a planned installation or repair of a barrier cable system, PENTA will assign a Professional Engineer (PE) to the project. They will come to the site and assess the environment. They examine the structure for the proper tensioning loads and supplemental supports, as they are required for barrier cable installation or replacement. Their analysis can help clients verify or achieve code compliance in their parking deck.
Our PEs work with owners and managers to identify the needs specific to each parking garage. These experts design the barrier cable systems, including elements such as:
Once clients finalize the approval of our design, PENTA can install the system as well. Our project managers and construction technicians perform this function either during construction of the parking deck or after its completion, depending on the client’s needs.
To ensure effective barrier systems, the PE will supervise pre-tensioning of the cables to prevent them from sagging. Not only are they aesthetically displeasing, but sagging cables can also allow objects to pass through that are larger than the nominal distance between each strand. Taut cables, treated using our advanced pre-stressing techniques, do not have this shortcoming.
Over time, barrier cable systems can become damaged or even fail. Most cables used in parking decks will feature protective coatings to extend their service life, as being exposed to weathering conditions over time (i.e., heat, solar radiation, moisture) causes corrosion and weakens the metal. PENTA’s team of PEs can repair or replace damaged or failing cables and coatings to ensure client barrier systems continue to work as intended. The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) recommends parking deck owners and managers perform quarterly or annual maintenance checks for signs of damage. PENTA can not only perform these regular inspections of your parking deck barrier cables, but can also perform any repairs or replacements that may be necessary.
PENTA's Turnkey Barrier Cable Solutions
Founded in 1997, PENTA Engineering Group is an engineering firm that specializes in serving existing facilities. We provide world-class consulting engineering services to property developers, managers, owners, and real estate investment firms around the United States. Our squad of technicians, industry professionals, and PEs from several disciplines draw on members’ individual experiences to deliver services of the highest quality.
If your company needs turnkey barrier cable solutions for your parking deck, contact PENTA today!

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