Tubes of colorful polymers for failure analysis

Plastic and Polymer Failure Analysis

Applied Technical Services offers plastic and polymer failure analysis services for clients who need to assess their materials’ durability. Our engineers and analysts have extensive experience determining whether material failure results from unfavorable service conditions, poor product design, incorrect material selection, improper manufacturing processes, or other factors.
Polymer Tests
Manufacturers can rely on ATS to assess polymer durability upon exposure to thermal, mechanical, or environmental stressors. Our multidisciplinary capabilities allow us to examine all of a polymer’s characteristics when conducting failure analysis. Evaluations such as the Elmendorf tear test supply insight into a polymer’s durability and lifespan, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the material’s characteristics. Our experts conduct a wide array of tests that aid in polymer failure analysis, including:
Our skilled failure analysts can efficiently and effectively determine the root cause of polymer failure using years of prior experience.
Our Metallurgy Services
ATS metallurgists consult with clients to determine the complete scope of every project. Our services assist clients with more than failure analysis; we also provide support for quality assurance, litigation support, and reverse engineering. We conduct all tests according to industry standards such as:
We also test to equivalent ISO standards and specialized procedures.
ATS Excellence
For more than fifty years, Applied Technical Services has provided specialized testing and inspection services to our clients. We offer quick turnarounds for detailed, accurate reporting, and our responsive experts can answer all our clients’ questions.
If you need polymer failure analysis, contact ATS today. We take a closer look.

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