Plastic Tensile Strength Testing

Applied Technical Services’ polymer testing lab provides plastic tensile strength testing.

What are Tensile Tests, and Why are They important?

Tensile tests determine the force needed to break a plastic and evaluate the plastic’s elasticity before breaking. Tensile tests allow manufacturers to examine the mechanical properties of their plastic products. Plastics must perform properly under stress, so manufacturers use tensile strength testing to predict how plastic materials may fail in stressful conditions. Tensile testing is essential to manufacturers’ quality control, research and development, and safety measures.

American Society for Testing and Materials D638

ASTM D638 determines the tensile strength of non-reinforced and reinforced plastics. The testing method measures the following mechanical properties.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is the amount of force applied to a plastic before it breaks or suffers irreparable damage.

Tensile Modulus

Tensile modulus evaluates the stiffness of a material or how much stress is required before the material deforms.


Elongation measures a material’s ductility or ability to undergo stress and deformation before failure

Poisson’s Ratio

Poisson’s ratio compares the ratio of change in material’s width per unit with the change of its length per unit.

Applied Technical Services' Plastic Material Testing Lab

Our accredited plastic material testing lab conducts tests to determine plastics’ mechanical, thermal, and chemical characteristics. Our plastic testing lab professionals conduct several tests, including

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