Polymer Analysis Laboratory

Applied Technical Services’ polymer analysis laboratory utilizes analytical and physical test methods to verify polymeric materials’ mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.

What are Polymers, and Why is Polymer Analysis Important?

Polymers are materials comprised of long and repeating links of molecules or macromolecules. Society is increasingly dependent on the versatility of polymers and their effectiveness, and there’s evidence of the multifaceted material in our everyday lives. Polymers are prevalent in offices, sports, technology, and consumer goods.

Manufacturers rely on the production of polymers for their goods and services and employ polymer research labs to ensure that their polymer products function as intended and are of uniform quality. Polymer labs perform research and development, failure analysis services, and ensure that polymeric materials comply with industry standards. ATS’ polymer lab performs several types of tests, including the follow. 

Mechanical Testing

Physical Testing

Thermal Testing

ATS' Polymer Analysis Lab

Our polymer analysis laboratory provides the following services.

ASTM Testing Standards

Our polymer lab uses the following standards.

About Applied Technical Services

ATS provides material analysis services to clients and companies in various industries across the globe. We are an ISO 9001 registered management system that values continuous improvement and customer service. Our lab professionals provide clear and accurate reports and work closely with clients to ensure our services meet their project’s needs. Contact us at +1 (888) 287-5227 and request a free quote from our polymer analysis laboratory. 

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